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Stress and Your Health

Stress affects the intestine greatly . When one is faced with emotional or psychological stress, the body produces cortisol (a hormone) which affects the intestinal tract by destroying friendly bacteria. The digestive system becomes impaired. Most people under stress may say that they feel pain in their stomach and that is because long term stress can cause ulcer as the body continues to secret cortisol. Stress can also stimulate the adrenal glands and exhaust them, causing them to malfunction. A chain reaction can lead to a whole host of diseases and adverse side effects due to stress.

If a person cannot change their lifestyle to lead a less stress-filled life, one should concentrate on protecting the digestive tract on a daily basis by the use of friendly bacteria in large amounts. If these good bacteria are ingested every day in large amounts, one can stand stress better and cope with it without getting ill.

Another way to cope with stress is to do a vigorous type of exercise like jogging so as to work off the extra hormone the body produces so the body can return to a pre-stress state.


Here's another short section of a book written by a Functional Medicine doctor:

In some cases, absorption of these molecules across a leaky intestinal tract can alter the brain's chemical messenger system and produce changes in behavior. Researchers at the National Institutes of Mental Health refer to these behavior-altering substances as exorphins, because they come from outside the body, rather than endorphins, which are the natural analgesic substances produced by the nervous system. An excess of exorphins can affect mood, mind, memory and behavior by altering the brain's sensitive chemical messenger system.

Many people are surprised that the intestinal tract is so closely related to the function of the immune and nervous systems of the body, but in fact, a breakdown in the integrity of any of these interrelated systems results in symptoms of chronic illness....


Take the Magic Tea and also a charcoal capsule on an empty stomach if the anxiety is too much. You'll note a quick calming effect because the charcoal capsule will absorb circulating toxins and remove them through the large intestine.

Ask me for for the Magic Tea recipe and I will be happy to send it to you.

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