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How can overcoming thyroid issues transform your life?

For me, its joy, fulfillment & inner peace. 

Taking my well-being into my own hands so drastically and beautifully changed my life...

...And it was so worth it!


At 38, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure fast-forwarding me into menopause by the age of 40.


Not yet married, no kids... I was crushed. I'd always dreamed of having a family.


I wish I knew then what I know now because the doctors all told me back then I am perfectly healthy, it's just that my ovaries were failing. I think to myself now, If I was healthy, why did my ovaries fail at such a young age? There was something obviously very wrong.


Hormones out of whack, severe adrenal fatigue, terrible body aches, non-stop joint pain, hypothyroidism, and nodules were my reality. 


To put it mildly, I felt terrible.


I gained around 30 stubborn pounds, and I was always tired, cranky and insecure.


The recommendation: a biopsy and thyroid medication.


My response: That's not what I want...but I made the appointments anyway because the mass terrified me. 


Three days after I made the appointments, something just kept gnawing at me, saying "I can heal naturally". I called my mentor and she guided me on exactly what to do, I wasted no time and started immediately and yes, I canceled the specialist appointment and the biopsy.


Deadline: three months to improve...If I failed, it was back to the docs advice. 


And so, my journey began.


Mission accomplished!


My bloodwork and sonogram proved me right...


My thyroid was back to normal!

The mass and nodules shrunk by more than half their size!

My energy was up!

I lost 24 lbs!

I felt great!!


The mass and nodules were completely gone!!!


My doctor's words to me were music to my ears... 


"Your thyroid is back to normal, and the mass and nodules have shrunk more than half their size. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it and come back in six months for a recheck."

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It's Your Turn

Ready to embark on your transformation journey? Book an exploratory call to discuss how I can assist!

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Let's Be Pen Pals

Say goodbye to all that pesky junk mail clogging up your inbox - I'm here to deliver some real talk and motivation! Are you psyched to learn some clever strategies to revamp your health and wellness? Heck yeah, let's dive in! Are you with me?

Picture of Emanuela Visone
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