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Emanuela Visone


Naturopathic Innovator | Wellness Futurist | Author |Speaker | Natural Health Consultant | Life Coach

Self-Care = Self Love

Emanuela discovered her passion for natural healing when she healed her then 4-year-old St. Bernard Sonnie’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome using wholefoods. This ignited a spark in her to become more knowledgeable about naturally healing the body, she focuses on educating and coaching her pet owner clients with empowering them to heal their pets. In overcoming her own health challenges in 2018 with her thyroid empowered her to take charge of her own health and heal her body using the same method and without any medications, she became a certified Health and Life Coach and has gained the trust of many of her clients who have also experienced wonderful breakthroughs in their health and lives. As many beautiful physical, mental and emotional shifts occur, she believes this is an optimal time to make healthy changes and enhancements in their lives. She has also achieved the second-degree attunement and training in Reiki method of Natural Healing. In 2019, she achieved becoming a Master Coach and Transformational Coach. She has now added Author to her list of accomplishments by publishing her first book Healing Through Nature's Medicine, A Story of Hope. Available on Amazon and her website.  One of her latest healing tools that she's added is Bio resonance Therapy.


Embody Vitality was created to coach individuals suffering from any type of thyroid condition to assist them in becoming a healthier and happier, and so they can start living their most fulfilling life now.

She believes that when men and women are feeling and performing at their personal best, they can experience their richest and most meaningful life. You  can also listen to how to improve your life on the CYACYL Podcast.


Total healing is possible. Healing your gut health will heal mostly all other health ailments, the body can only focus on one issue at a time. Patience is your best friend, natural heal is an amazing journey and a slow process not accomplished overnight but once achieved will make all the difference in the world. She focuses on restoring the gut then nourishing the body followed by reducing oxidative stress.


Trusting highly in the fact that everyone is the expert of their own life and that they hold all the answers, she coaches each client toward their vision through mindful listening, asking the right questions, discovering their motivators and strengths, empowering them to build confidence, resilience, hope, and self-motivation.


To help her clients build long-term healthy habits and behaviors.
To coach her clients to lasting changes they will keep for a lifetime.
To love her clients as she walks beside them every step of the way on their journey.


Because her services are completely virtual, She is able to cater to her clients all over the country (USA, as well as Canada) in the comfort, privacy, and in the convenience of their own home, office, or sacred space.

Live Your Best Life Now!

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