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Self Love = Self Care

Hello Ladies,

I've been thinking a lot about what healthy looks like and have been seeing many of us putting ourselves down and criticizing our flaws when we look in the mirror. It makes me sad and at the same time makes me more passionate than ever to say to all of you...when you look in the mirror love all of your flaws because your imperfectly perfect. Love yourself unconditionally.

When your body is healthy its goes to the size it needs to be. It's not about what size your pants are.

Cleansing our mental thoughts of what healthy looks like...

-Waking up more energetic

-Waking up in a positive mindset

-Waking up healthy because you are giving your body all the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

It's not about self deprivation of food and militant workouts nor is it about just detoxing your system.

There are 7 protocols to follow to achieve optimal health.

1. Diet. What I mean about diet is what are you putting into your body and it's about mindful eating.

2. Exercise.

3. Toxin removal

4. Getting enough sleep. Calming the parasympathetic nervous system. Stress affects the peristalsis movement of your food which causes your food to ferment this leads to you feeling bloated because instead of your body taking in the nutrients, it just ferment and turns into fat

Last year on my journey to thyroid and overall well being, I lost 24 pounds in 4 months by Dec 2018, healed my thyroid and now a year later, I happy to say I completely shrunk a mass and nodules I had on it using food as my best medicine.

In Jan of this year my fur baby Sonnie was stricken with bone cancer. For 3 months, it was all about him and caring for him. Sleep deprived from waking up all hours of the night with him. All my energy was devoted to him. I started to gain the weight back because I was super stressed, eating quickly and was completely heartbroken, still am.

Since he passed away, I refocused my thoughts and habits and am now back to living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes life gets in the way but bouncing back is part of how resilient we are.

5. Emotional Balance. Rid your life of what no longer serves you.

6. Supplements. Make sure they are pure and the best of the 3 biological requirements your body needs. Friendly bacteria, live enzymes and minerals.

7. A successful mindset.

Resource: Dr. Stephen Cabral, Naturopathic Practioner who naturally healed his Addison disease, diabetes type 2 and rheumatoid arthritis. It took 10 years but he is healed.

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