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How to Naturally Restore Your Hormones!

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Check out my latest airing on NY's 970AM radio show Conversations with Joan with the beautiful and inspirational Joan Yuppa-Herrmann!

For many of you both women and men, we all at one point have been faced with our hormones being out of whack. I know all too well what that feels like:

Gaining weight. Hair loss. Heart Palpitations. Chronic pain. Sleepless nights. Unable to handle daily stress life threw me. Not feeling sexy or confident. Not liking who I was becoming and the version of me the people I loved the most were getting.

And for many of you, your libido takes a nose dive which affects your connection with your partner.

You can naturally reverse your hormone imbalances and on this episode, I share some great tips on how I accomplished this. I got off of BHRT and Chinese herbs that were not working and naturally restored my hormone health.

The video below has the replay.

Enjoy your Sunday! Getting ready to go to Church and connect to that which is greater

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