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Excerpt From My Book - Healing Through Nature’s Medicine, A Story of Hope

Excerpt from my book Healing Through Nature’s Medicine, A Story of Hope:

Chapter Two, Page 17: What You Feed Yourself Today is Who You Become Tomorrow.

Let’s talk about why eat certain foods and how we eat them. Whenever we are hungry, the body is asking for something. The body is not asking for broccoli or hot dogs because when we eat broccoli or a hot dog, it is thoroughly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, it is no longer just the food you eat. The food becomes one of six significant components of fuel that the body is asking you to provide every time you get hungry.

These six components are:

1. carbohydrates, to produce energy

2. protein, to build and maintain the structure

3. healthy fats to make hormones and store energy

4. vitamins and minerals to use as catalyst so that the body can produce a multitude of vital chemicals

5. enzymes, which are also catalyst of change in the body; and

6. water, which is used in our metabolic process

Our need for these essential components is the reason why we eat food, and we need these nutrients daily. Essential means your body doesn’t produce it. We absolutely must have them to live well and stay healthy.

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