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Adrenal Fatigue

Coming from someone that suffered from adrenal fatigue for years, I feel your pain and understand exactly what you are going through. The undeniable lack of energy, unable to even keep my eyes open even during the day. I wasn’t able to deal with the slightest amount of stress without feeling as if I was going to blow my fuse. God, I do not miss those days.

Adrenal glands are so important to our bodies. They secrete the hormone which makes oxidation in the body cells possible. In other words, the adrenal glands determine whether the fire will burn (energy creation). Dr. Henry Bieler says that the adrenal glands become stressed when the first two lines of defense in the body become congested; the digestive system and the liver. When toxins cannot be eliminated through the digestive system or the liver, the glandular system (adrenal, pituitary and thyroid) will take over and he calls this situation vicarious elimination.

Here’s what happens when the body is doing its daily detoxification job. A signal is given which eventually travels to the thyroid or the adrenal glands to get rid of the toxins. Either the thyroid or the adrenal glands will begin directing the elimination of the toxic material from the blood. If the adrenals in your body are stronger than the thyroid or the pituitary glands, "toxins will be eliminated through the bowels and the kidneys or the toxic materials literally could be burned up by hyper oxidation in the liver, often giving rise to elevated body temperature or fever."

If you want the adrenals to go back to balance, then take care of the health of your digestive system and liver. Lifestyle changes (food habits, water intake, exercise...etc.) plus whole food supplements, digestive system supplements and antioxidants are necessary to reverse endocrine glands conditions such as adrenal exhaustion.

Dr. Henry Bieler's book "Food is your best medicine" is a fantastic book to read to learn more about the topic of adrenal exhaustion.


Some suggested natural solutions from Alfred V. Zamm, MD, article “Adrenal Fatigue”: Does It Exist. Townsend Letter, December 2020, pgs. 40 to 42.

• A major cause of adrenal fatigue is dental amalgam that contains 50% mercury which is a poison to the metabolic process.

• Such dental amalgam fillings along with root canals can lead to allergies, asthma, migraine headaches and fatigue.

• Mercury can combine with the essential trace element selenium, thus depriving the body of selenium and its function in the defense enzymes glutathione peroxidase.

• Root canals cause a few health problems: they can very frequently get infected and hence a source of immune dysregulating substances.

• The trace mineral selenium is important to protect the body against environmental pollution by cadmium, arsenic, and other toxic heavy metals. A good food source for selenium is micro algae and Brazil nuts.

• Magnesium is very helpful in hypoadrenalism condition since it is involved in over 300 metabolic reactions in the body. A good food source of magnesium is micro algae and Brazil nuts.

• Symptoms of hypoadrenalism are: the face shows an unexplained “tan”; even in the winter, salt craving, low blood pressure where one would become more tired after resting (a drop in blood pressure) than before resting, dizziness and unsteadiness would occur if one arose rapidly from a sitting position and blood pressure measurements are always at the lower end of acceptability. Also easy fatiguability on exercise and chronic moderate fatigue. Faulty glucose metabolism or episodes of hypoglycemia can exist. Most often cholesterol level is at the low margin of statistical acceptability.

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