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You can't expect to take one magic pill and you will be healed

Exciting News and Update to Share:

You can’t expect to take a magic pill and you will be healed. Health needs to be nurtured and its built only on what is in your diet.

There is a story being told with whatever you put into your body. There is a storyline, and you create what the ending will be.

It’s imperative to remember what your story is.

I remind myself every day of my story on how I’ve restored my health once before and I’ve helped many others accomplish the same as well as working with pet owners to help them become their dog’s best healers so it only made sense to start my next healing journey.

Last July, I went to see an orthopedic specialist who told me that the only option I had for my hip which was bone on bone was a total hip replacement. Years prior over multiple accidents with my dog Sonnie, I had torn the labrums in both of my hips and had went to see a specialist who told me there is no way to repair labrums (my cartilage was still intact at this point), my only recourse would be a hip replacement down the line. I just powered through the pain which was excruciating and debilitating at times.

In July of last year, I started my healing journey to reverse the osteoarthritis with hopes of rebuilding the cartilage.

In January 2021, I wanted to see a doctor with the Hospital for Special Surgeries in Manhattan which for me is the best in hips, knees and joints. First, I saw a pain management doctor who was confused by my case. He said “you don’t take ibuprofen or meds for the pain, you have really good mobility and range, and with just looking at your Xray, I would have said you need a hip replacement but in examining you, even though you have a slight limp which in most cases like yours I’ve seen people walk with severe limps and unable to endure the pain, I’d like for you to come back to see the orthopedic surgeon to see what he says.

In February, I went back to see the surgeon and once again, it was like music to my ears, he said “In looking at your Xray, I would say your only option would be a hip replacement but after examining you, I’m intrigued! I see no reason why you need a hip replacement but let’s make an appointment in 3-6 months to follow-up. My next appointment is May 26th. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

What I wish for everyone is to have more patience in the natural healing process and to follow through as one should. Yes, I take many different superfoods to aid in my healing and to hear doctors tell me “they are intrigued and confused” for me translates to what I am doing is working.

Am I completely healed yet? No, but I have experienced much improvement in pain and in range of motion.

This is what motivates me to push forward without medication or lidocaine/steroid injections and more importantly a hip replacement. I know what the long-term damage is from medications and steroids do to the body and I chose me, I chose longevity, I chose to keep my body strong and healthy, so it has the right environment to heal. And lastly, I chose to invest in my health because without your health you have nothing.

My tools have been my strong belief in God’s healing hand working miracles, along with the most powerful superfoods, spices, and herbs in the world to help rebuild the cartilage along with removing inflammatory foods, yoga every week, Bio-resonance Therapy, Reiki and an amazing therapist. He does different treatments like myofascial massage, electroacupuncture and cupping.

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