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When Action Pays Off!

Wow! The transformation that Jeneen went through is incredible! Here's what she has to say.

"When my mother first met Emanuela, by chance, at a random boutique in Brooklyn , she called me up right away. My mother just knew that this might be my chance to get on track, she knew what I was going through. At the time , I had gained a lot of weight due to stress from the past couple of years. I moved, changed locations, went back to school and had a baby almost all at once. I finally had the time to care for myself and I told myself enough was enough. I was tired of feeling unworthy, of all my accomplishments that I had made, just because I did not look a certain way. I also got a huge wake up call when I saw my labs from the doctors. Emanuela’s approach gave me way more than I expected. On our first meeting, she told me “just 90 days”. I thought to myself , ok 90 days I will be dedicated to this one thing for myself, what is the worst that can happen? She didn’t only give me ways to start eating healthy, but she focused on my gut and inner healing . She believed in me, and pushed me to do my best. She was always there to listen to me on my bad days. She gave me a few protocols to follow, and I was determined to do the best I can . Through the journey I became more confident, and more spiritually aware. I began to see my attitude shift from negative to positive on a daily basis. This positive attitude slowly went into everything I did, whether it was work or family life. I became thankful for everything I have been through. She taught me how to appreciate myself. I decided everyday to see the good. And so I learned this journey was never about weight loss alone. Rather, it was about changing my habits, and thinking into a positive, so that it can reflect on my outside, and everything I loved . I learned, that I was always worthy! To my surprise , as I was healing my gut , the pounds were falling right off . I lost a total of 30 pounds in this 90 day journey. I will forever be thankful for this journey, and this is just the beginning!"

Here are the before and after pictures.

Quite the difference!

Keep the great work up Jeneen!

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