One Little Boy, A Life Saved. Wild Crafted Algae Healing Benefits on Bipolar & Anxiety

Bradley's Story told by his mother:

My heart broke as I watched my son Bradley compulsively bang his ankles together, rocking back and forth, moaning like a hurt animal. What had happened to my son? He had been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive-disorder, but his condition was getting much worse. We were soon to be informed by Dr. Harrow, specialist in OCD, that Bradley had the worst case of OCD with psychosis he had ever seen.

Bradley had a normal childhood until third grade except for constant sinus and strep infections. He was an active and outgoing child who participated in activities and had many friends. He has over thirty trophies from martial arts competitions where he has placed or won in every division. He has attended the Corcoran School of Art at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. At the age of nine, in the third grade, we noticed subtle changes which were to become slowly worse. He was restless, unable to relax, focus, or finish tasks. Bradley began a slow deterioration, first in academics, and later in other areas. Underachieving was certainly not consistent with his personality. At this point, we began looking for answers... there were none.