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Kickstart 2022 by answering these 5 areas: Celebrations, Appreciation, Learning, Clearing & Desires

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Take 10 minutes to answer these 5 areas so can fast start your 2022 goals. The 5 areas are: Celebrations, Appreciations, Clearing, Learning & Desires.

What are you grateful for?

What are your celebrations?

What do you need to clear?

What are some things you're letting go of and leaving in 2021? Could even be toxic people.

What do you need to let go of to deepen the connection between your mind, body and spirit?

How can you love yourself deeper and unconditionally?

How can you deepen your faith to that which is greater?

What can you remove from your schedule so you can make more time for YOU?

What is something you'd like to learn and what is something you have learned in 2021?

What are your desires for 2022? Your must haves and non-negotiables!


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