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January is Thyroid Awareness Month

This is such an important topic for me and is why I've made it my passion in life to help others struggling with Thyroid issues as I was. In working with me we focus on healing their bodies naturally so they can start living their best life NOW.

Here is a to-do list, I wanted to share with all of you. Please pass on to all those you know and love.

Addressing Thyroid related health disorders

Sometimes (most often is more accurate) the thyroid gland and in general the glandular system takes over the burden of detoxification (internal cleaning) when the regular channels of elimination are overburdened. Therefore, the number one thing on the “to do” list when you have a thyroid problem is to pay attention to and help your detoxification organs (intestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and lungs) to function at full effectiveness. Doing this job will assist in relieving any detoxification burden on your thyroid gland that can be relieved.

To explain the above concept further, here's an example of how the detoxification system is related to the glandular system. It is a well-known medical fact, that certain forms of harmful bacteria can produce toxic substances in the intestinal tract. These toxic substances travel to the liver from the intestines and impair the liver's ability to manufacture and utilize T3 (T3 is a relative of thyroxin and it helps regulate the speed of metabolism in the tissues). Friendly bacteria are very important to stop harmful bacteria from producing these toxic substances. As a result of repopulating your intestinal tract with potent friendly bacteria, your liver should have an increased ability to function normally and this could indirectly support your thyroid gland.

When you choose your friendly bacteria supplements, make sure they are micro-blended with a whole food rich in minerals such as: Acidophilus and Bifidus micro-blended with organic micro algae. The minerals in the algae enable the friendly bacteria to increase their speed of multiplication in the gut and will also increase the total number of organisms (friendly bacteria) that will eventually flourish in your intestines.

Number two on the “to do” list is to make sure you're getting enough minerals in your diet (iodine, iron and selenium). In the past, doctors used to think that a deficiency of iodine alone was a cause of the dysfunction of the thyroid gland. But it is known today that selenium is critical in activating an enzyme responsible for controlling thyroid function. However, taking isolated iodine and selenium supplements is not a good idea because humans require only a few micrograms of these nutrients each day to meet daily needs. Too much of either of these minerals can produce toxicity. It is best to find foods high in these minerals: organic micro algae, wakame, arame and other sea vegetables are high in iodine and selenium. When consumed as part of a whole food, these minerals can be assimilated and utilized for thyroid hormone synthesis by your body without fear of toxicity.

Other dietary recommendations:

• Enzyme Therapy: Since the endocrine glands are driven by digested foods, correcting any digestive problems with the use of digestive enzymes is a good idea.

• Coconut oil is the healthiest saturated fat for the endocrine glands. Raw butter is as good. Coconut oil stimulates thyroid function and thus promotes weight loss in individuals who are overweight.

• Fruits and fruits smoothies are important to help modulate blood sugar and calm the adrenal glands and normalize production of the thyroid hormone.

• Carrots’ fiber tones the bowel, binds toxins and reduces the re-absorption of estrogen.

• Do not drink tap water. Some city water contains organic hydrocarbons which could result in blocking the activity of thyroid hormones. Make sure you drink spring water only.

• Eliminate and discard all non-stick cookware because it contains fluoride which can cripple the thyroid. Keep in mind too, that fluoride is in toothpastes, processed cereals and sodas. It is also in most tap water.

• Simplify your diet. Eat the following for a period of three months: salmon, eggs (raw eggs are recommended but you must buy organic eggs which you can add to smoothies), yams, fruits, and vegetables (juice parsley, celery, carrots and apples), organic brown rice, quinoa, sprouted seeds and sprouted nuts, coconut butter or coconut oil for cooking.

• Eliminate Soy – Unfermented soy suppresses thyroid function, imbalances hormones, and it has been shown to cause goiters (an enlargement of the thyroid gland) in previously healthy individuals, which shows that it disrupts iodine usage.

• Avoid Canola Oil: Canola oil interferes with the production of thyroid hormones, amongst its many other dangers. Treat canola oil like the God-forsaken, genetically engineered, poison that it is.

• Balance Estrogen Levels (Women) - Excess estrogen slows down the thyroid gland. This means eliminating birth control medications, increasing the fiber in the diet, and avoiding all non-organic meats. Growth hormones in meats lead to imbalanced hormones. Reduce dairy intake, because milk often contains lots of estrogen; primarily because cows are milked frequently during pregnancy.

• Use hemp seeds - Crush these seeds before eating. The hemp seeds are an excellent source of fiber.

• Pears and Apples - The ancient Chinese discovered that pears have a powerful tendency to balance hormones; especially in women. Pears help most when mixed with or juiced with apples.

• Antioxidant supplement use is important: 600 mg. of CoQ10 (daily for three months and after healing, drop the amount to 100 mg a day). CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps promote proper blood circulation. There are many studies that show a direct relationship between cardiac performance and CoQ10 supplementation with thyroid disorders (The CoQ10 Phenomenon by Stephen Sinatra, MD). Best Q10 formulas are usually micro-blended with organic oils like coconut and olive oils.

Following this plan, you're likely to see the potential of great improvement without the use of medications.


Food Is Your Best Medicine. Henry Bieler, M.D.

The Enzyme Cure. Lita Lee.

The CoQ10 Phenomenon by Stephen Sinatra, MD

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