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Healing Occurs on a Priority Basis

In the realm of coaching and personal development, one topic has consistently surfaced during my sessions with clients, without exception. It's a subject that has piqued my own curiosity as well, prompting me to delve deep into the intricate workings of the human body and its remarkable ability to heal organs and systems, all with a precise sense of priority. This journey of understanding has not only transformed my approach as a coach but has also shed light on the awe-inspiring mechanisms at play within our own bodies. Join me on this exploration as we uncover the secrets of our body's innate healing intelligence.

"Have you ever pressed pause on your wellness journey because the improvements you sought seemed elusive and out of reach?"

Just as the body was formed and operated on a priority basis, it heals on a priority basis. This means that essential parts of the body get the healing attention before the less vital tissues. For this reason, it is of utmost importance not to try to dictate to the body what it needs to work on. For example, if you decided to take some herbs to detoxify your liver, you may interfere with the body’s priorities in the healing process. It could be the body’s priority to work on the heart first. But you redirect the healing energy with the use of herbs to address the liver first. Energy was robbed from the heart to go to the liver because of the herbs you are using. Significant problems may develop in the heart because of trying to dictate to your body what to work on first. The very least that would take place with the use of potent medicinal/detoxifying herbs is that attention to the health of the heart could be delayed and the health of the heart compromised.

The body will heal only to the degree that’s it has nutrients and energies above and beyond basic living requirements. It is true that during the healing phase, a person may not feel as energetic as he/she usually does. This does not mean the body robs energy from vital (cellular) activity for healing. It means the body has taken any excess energy and is channeling it into healing activity. The excess energy is that which is not necessary for survival and to maintain balance (homeostasis). In my healing, the first month I was extremely fatigued then I started gaining more energy.

If you’d like to learn more about the healing process as well as what the healing crisis is, check out my book Healing Through Nature’s Medicine, A Story of Hope. I dive deeper into this in my book on page 35.

The body's capacity to heal is a testament to its resilience, a silent but powerful force that mends and rejuvenates, often against all odds.



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