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As a Health and Life Coach, I work with people suffering from thyroid conditions.  I help them restore their body to optimal health naturally so they can take their life back!

I was my own living experiment when I successful restored my malfunctioning thyroid back to normal as well dramatically shrunk a mass and nodules that were also on my thyroid by more than half their size in 4 months.  I achieved this all naturally through the use of whole foods and plant based supplements.  Not to mention lost a much needed 20 pounds and have more energy than ever before.  I said bye bye to adrenal fatigue that was getting in the way of me becoming the best version of myself.  And most recently, I have wonderful news!  I went for my annual wellness exam in September 2019.   I had new blood work and a thyroid sonogram done which confirmed that my thyroid is still normal but best of all the mass and nodules are completely gone.  

Over the last 3 years, I've done deep work on rewiring my own bad behaviors and beliefs. I've become stronger in my faith and spirituality.  Most importantly, I love myself unconditionally and my flaws grow more beautiful each day.

I'd love to share my story with you and hope to inspire you to throw all the disbelief out the window and believe that it is possible to heal your body naturally.  I will guide you on how to  many best heal and manage degenerative diseases.  All your body needs is the right environment then watch the amazing transformation.  

Our focus is not on what we should and should not eat, we focus on long-lasting habit changes that provide my clients with the proper tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you're looking for a positive, fun way to feel healthier and live a happier lifestyle, then I look forward to working with you.

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Why Naturopathy?

It can help with


All of your digestive issues stem from an unhealthy gut.  Acid Reflux, Colitis, IBS can all be reversed by integrating a whole food diet, stress coping strategies and vital plant based supplements.


I suffered from adrenal fatigue for years.  I had no energy, brain fog and was unable to cope with stress.  Many people don't realize that your body is your best doctor, it gives you signals when things are not working properly.  In reversing my adrenal fatigue, I have more energy than ever before, sleep peacefully at night, am focused and have balanced my hormones all naturally without medications. 


 Detoxification is meant to rejuvenate the mind and body and positively impact well being and clarity. However, sometimes the initial reaction to a detoxification program can be anything but pleasant. The process of healing sometimes includes a healing crisis, also known as the detox reaction and the cleansing reaction. During a healing crisis, you can feel even worse than before you started your detox program. The good news is that this reaction is likely a sign that you're getting better by way of a deep and thorough cleansing.  Understanding the healing crisis is crucial to healing.  Many individuals stop the process because they think they are having an adverse effect but in reality you are starting to heal.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss is 25% of what your eating and 75% who you are being when you eat.  We will work on strategies on eating slower and at a more relaxed pace.  When you eat in a stressed stage, your digestion is closed so you can eat the healthiest foods  and exercise but you will not loss weight.  Your food gets deposited as fat instead of being digested as nutrients.  I will teach you great techniques on how to trick your nervous system into thinking you are relaxing.  

Most people assume that diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis and cancer are results of genetic inheritance factors. The Human Genome Project is proving that genes are only a very small part of the story. More important than genetic inheritance in terms of your health or disease state as an adult, is the way you have treated your genes throughout your life. What you have eaten, inhaled, surrounded yourself with in your environment, endured as stresses, participated in as activities or suffered as injury, all of these factors alter the expression of your genes and contribute in a major way to your state of health or disease. 
Stress is the only thing that produces disease. Stress is defined as any input into a human being which is detrimental, whether mental/emotional, physical, sensory or nutritional/chemical. 
Stress is detrimental because when it is introduced to the body, the body must expend extra amounts of energy to keep the stress from causing injury or death. i.e., When the body is exposed to cold, it will rev up metabolism to maintain a body temperature which preserves life. This increased metabolism (shivering) costs extra energy. 
I will work with you on developing strategies to reduce stress in turn giving you peace of mind and focusing on positive energy.
Women's Health - Thyroid Health

I started going through menopause at the age of 38 years old.  I was healthy with the exception that my ovaries started to fail.  In my research the only thing that hit home was the fact that at that time I was a smoker.  I wanted to keep my hormones balanced naturally so I decided to start Bio-identical hormone therapy and before this tried Chinese medicine.  Initially all of the terrible symptoms such as the night sweats, hot flashes, feeling as if my skin was crawling along with the wonderful irritability and  constantly feeling bloated started to subside.  After 2 years and 30 pounds later, my once perfect wellness visits for the first time ever were not perfect.  My liver enzymes were very high.  I didn't know it then but even though in a very low dosage the Hydrocort I was given to stabilize my cortisol level had steroids in it which was causing havoc on my liver and the reason for my weight gain.  I had developed a mass and nodules on my thyroid which was also malfunctioning.  I was a mess and changes needed to be made asap.  I was set for a biopsy and to see an endocrinologist.  I already knew the protocol with that which was putting me on thyroid medication, I definitely was not a fan of medications.  Then a light bulb went off!  I knew that in changing my diet and starting the ramp up process of pure plant based supplements, I could reverse what was going on.  I gave myself three months to see the results.  I started immediately with a diet regimen and the ramp up process.  The first month was not pleasant due to the detox phase but then the lumps in my throat disappeared.  Four months later, I lost 20 pounds, my energy was back and the new sonogram and blood work showed that the nodules and mass had shrunk more that half their size.  I felt great!!  I want to inspire everyone to not only mask your symptoms but to heal your body.  There are three biological requirements every body needs in order to maintain optimal health or in medical terms, Homeostasis, these are friendly bacteria, live enzymes that have not been heated in the process of making and minerals/amino acids, which I get through micro-organic blue algae (all made with foods and plants not chemically or synthetically made).  A healthy diet, these 3 biological must haves along with exercise and outlets like meditation and Reiki to reduce life's daily stresses is how I healed my body and maintain optimal health.  Heal your gut, change your life!

I am happy to declare VICTORY!!!!   I went to my primary doctor for my annual wellness visit on 9/20/2019, I had new blood work and a thyroid sonogram done, I was thrilled to see that all of my levels were perfect including my thyroid was still normal from my last visit in December 2018.  The sonogram confirmed that the henergous mass and nodules are gone, I am at optimal health!  Thank you God.

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Self Care Is Not A Luxury, It's A Necessity



January 2020


I found or maybe Emanuela found me, at just the right time. She kept my feet rooted to the ground, as I was navigating through some tough terrain at the time. She helped me to continue on my path of healing, growing and evolution. Ryan Drewes



July 2019


I am compelled to share that Emanuela Visone of Embody Vitality Consulting has a unique value proposition that has a powerful impact on those who embrace change for the betterment of physical and mental health, coupled with a well balanced lane to drive business success.

I initiated the consulting program as what I thought was a courtesy due to our professional relationship and friendship over the years, but it quickly turned into an effective and efficient platform in mindset and behavior where my family and personal self continue to prosper big time.

My comments are genuine, unbiased, and voluntary.


Victor Muro MBA, CLU, ChFC


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Initial Discovery Session 

In this session, you will discover:


- What has been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body, health and peace of mind you want


- A powerful vision for your Total Transformation and what it will mean for you and for your life


- Which food's and lifestyle habits are bringing your body down….and what to do about it


- A step-by-step plan to create a Total Transformation 


This is a great opportunity to see what it would be like to work with me as your Health Coach.

Total Breakthrough to Natural Healing VIP Premium Program 

Restore from thyroid naturally and take your life back!  

The Benefits of my Program: 

- Feeling healthier than you ever have in your entire life

- Have more energy than ever before to do more of what you love in life.  

- Regain your focus and clarity, eliminating brain fog forever.

- Building a strong immunity, free of digestive issues

- Experiencing weight loss to feel more beautiful, confident and happier than ever before

- Balancing your hormones to get your sexy back and have more intimacy with your partner


Unleash Your Inner Warrior! VIP Premium Program

Become a Warrior & Conquer!  Create your strongest mind, body and spirit to win your battle against breast cancer


The benefits of my program:


- Learn step by step on how to heal your body naturally leading to a strong immunity.  

 - Discover ways to radiate positive energy to maintain a positive mindset.

- identify which foods heal and nourish to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

- Reclaim your personal power by using movement you love.


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