August 2020


"I have been working with Emanuela Visone from Embody Vitality Consulting for about 4 months now. I can seriously say that I am back to being my 'former self' and in much better health than I have experienced since my 20’s. Her support, knowledge, and encouragement have helped me to crawl out of the unhealthy hole I was in and reach new heights for my health and well-being.

With Emanuela’s guidance, I was able to heal my thyroid! When I got my diagnosis, I felt so overwhelmed and defeated. I was put on medication and have been on it for the last 15 years. The idea of spending the rest of my life taking a pill did not seem like the right choice, but I was experiencing some disheartening impacts on my mood, energy levels, and weight. 

After just a couple of months working with Emanuela, I was starting to feel more like myself again and feeling more energized.  I knew something had shifted but was shocked when my doctor told me that my test results were into the normal range for my thyroid health. I can officially say I am no longer on medication!  She was able to naturally heal my thyroid. She healed me through my journey in helping me feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Emanuela is an amazing Health Coach and the results that I have personally experienced by working with her directly and learning from her vast knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating, and dangers of toxins, have made me a true believer in healing through nature’s medicine and her ability to help others achieve health. In fact, she recently wrote a book about healing naturally through nature’s medicine, a story of hope.  I am forever grateful that I was lucky to have her support me through my journey in healing my body naturally."

Sandra Giuliano

Jackson, NJ


"I started my journey with Emanuela Visone in November 2019. After receiving my blood work & hearing my doctor say, 'you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol (due to high triglycerides)', I said to myself, 'that’s it, done! I'm done with taking medication and having them do absolutely nothing for me!'

That’s when I made the decision to take a different path. A natural, holistic healthy path. I started the 90-day program with Emanuela. The program consisted of taking the right supplements, 1-2hr sessions once a week, and incorporating mindful exercises into my daily schedule. Thanks to Emanuela’s coaching and the whole food supplements she recommended, I have become calmer, clearer minded, discovered what’s important to ME & started going after my dreams. 


Being free mentally and physically of my body and mind has made me truly live life. I no longer fear for my health and I no longer fear taking action in my business and personal life. Emanuela, thank you for your educated guidance, your support in believing in me, and most importantly for curing my gut! Once you cure the gut everything else starts to heal. My cholesterol went down and my blood pressure is normal without medication! I will forever continue taking my superfood supplements, be conscious of my body, mind, and surround myself with nothing but positive energy throughout the rest of my life because it’s MY LIFE!  


Emanuela keeps in touch with me periodically making sure I continue to be healthy in body and mind. With much gratitude and love, thank you, Emanuela, for coming into my life & turning it into a beautiful one!!" 

Gianna Brocato

Manalapan, NJ

July 2020


"My experience with Emanuela’s health coaching has helped me tremendously. Learning to include enzymes that were lost in my cooked food has helped my digestive process. There's no more bloating when I eat vegetables. She has also helped me detox and help my body to fight my positive COVID diagnosis. Our weekly zoom sessions were also beneficial to my mental well-being. She wanted to know step by step what was happening with me at every phase of the ramp-up process.

Working with Emanuela when I tested positive for COVID was one of the positive things that got me through it. She was always positive even when I was filled with fear and anxiety. She helped me to kick the “coffee” habit, taught me relaxation breathing techniques, and checked in with me regularly. I have recommended her to several friends with different health issues because I believe she loves what she does and can really help them. Overall, I feel amazing!"

Anna Pirrello

January 2020


"I found, or maybe Emanuela found me, at just the right time. She kept my feet rooted to the ground, as I was navigating through some tough terrain at the time. She helped me to continue on my path of healing, growing, and evolution." 




"I am compelled to share that Emanuela Visone of Embody Vitality Consulting has a unique value proposition that has a powerful impact on those who embrace change for the betterment of physical and mental health, coupled with a well-balanced lane to drive business success.

I initiated the consulting program as what I thought was a courtesy due to our professional relationship and friendship over the years, but it quickly turned into an effective and efficient platform in mindset and behavior where my family and personal self continue to prosper big time.

My comments are genuine, unbiased, and voluntary."


July 2019

Ryan Drewes

​Victor Muro MBA, CLU, ChFC

Staten Island, NY

January 2021

"I worked with Emanuela on a 12 week transformation journey, and she helped me accomplish more than I thought I was capable of accomplishing. Entering into the program, I had a few goals that I hoped of achieving, but I still had doubt that I would be successful in achieving them. However, over the course of this transformation program, Emanuela guided me through various tips and techniques towards acquiring the healthy lifestyle that I hoped of having. In addition to working on achieving a healthy lifestyle, Emanuela even helped me become a more motivated and organized person. Because of the time that I spent with Emanuela, not only am I now on the right track of living a healthy life, but I also have so many new organizational and calming techniques that I am going to continue to use. I am glad that I got to spend time with Emanuela on this journey and I am so appreciative of her support and guidance throughout it all!"


Ebun Opata

Ridgeland, MS

February 2021
I was introduced to Emanuela through a friend who really took great pride & care of their body.  I was in need of a natural remedy to control my Blood Pressure.  I was not happy taking conventional medication & very happy after speaking with Emanuela about her natural healing program that does not contain harmful substances.  My goal was to stop pharmaceutical medication & to help detox my liver.  Get back the natural enzymes I had been missing. This was achieved through the consultation & Diet laid out for me by Emanuela. She guided me to an astonishing bill of health & I'm truly happy.   Sincerely,
Robert Sweeney