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Excerpt 2 From My Book - Healing Through Nature’s Medicine, A Story of Hope

My Personal Testimony with Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

In my pursuit to restore my health and shrink the nodules and mass, I knew that nodules come from inflammation in the body so along with all the above wholefood supplements, I started taking proteolytic enzymes at night on an empty stomach.

I started with two a night, increasing every two days by two until I got to twelve. I waited three days and saw no decrease in the size of the nodules and mass so I doubled it to twenty four a night and a month later on that blessed morning, I woke up checking my neck which by now had become my morning ritual and to my excitement, the lumps were noticeably decreased. I knew I was on the right path! I continued my natural healing journey with the three- month marker in my head to go back for a recheck. In early December, I went back to the doctor and the day after Christmas I got my wonderful gift of hearing my doctor say to me “I do not know what you are doing but continue it, it is working. The mass and nodules are more than halfway decreased, and your thyroid is back to normal.” A year later I went for my annual well visit and confirmed what I knew in my gut, lol…the mass and nodules were gone, and my thyroid was still normal.

Truly restoring your health is possible, patience and time are your best friends.

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