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Dr. Ted Morter's Baby Formula to the Rescue!

Good morning to all parents,

I want to share this Real Milk Baby Formula with you in hopes of bringing some peace and ease to your lives.

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With the shortage of baby formulas, the following is a healthy real food milk formula that my mentor has been recommended for parents in the last 15 years. Please share this information with any parents you know who are finding it hard to find baby formulas in the market today. •••••••••••••••••••

We recommend Dr. Ted Morter’s milk formula recipe for babies who are not breast fed.

Here’s what Dr. Morter recommends in his book, Your Health, Your Choice: For those newborns and infants who must be fed something other than mother’s milk, the closest acceptable substitute is a combination of fresh raw goat’s milk (pasteurized if you can’t find raw), fresh carrot juice (organic when possible), and spring water. For a newborn, the goat’s milk, carrot juice, and spring water are combined in equal thirds. As the child gets older, the amount of water is gradually decreased as the milk and carrot juice are increased. When the child is approximately six months old, the proportions should be fifty percent goat’s milk and fifty percent carrot juice.

Cow’s milk should be completely avoided. Cow’s milk if fine for calves, but not for humans, either adults or children. (pg. 87).

In addition to Ted Morter’s formula I recommend to add the contents of one digestive enzymes capsule, in every bottle to the formula, at feeding time. The formula includes: pasteurized goat milk, one bifidus infantis capsule (buy from a health food store), 1/2 capsule of micro algae (for it’s high mineral content) and one digestive enzymes capsule.

This formula is also great for baby's with sensitive stomachs.

Why not feed your baby the best and maybe, just maybe this was meant to happen to open the door to a healthier alternative for your child. Everything that happens is meant to happen for us not to us.

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