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Testimonial: Anna Pirrello

My true joy in life is helping people feel better and start living their best life again!

My experience with Emanuela’s health coaching has helped me tremendously. Learning to include enzymes that were lost in my cooked food has helped my digestive process. No more bloating when I eat vegetables. She has also helped me detox and help my body to fight my positive COVID diagnosis. Our weekly zoom sessions were also beneficial to my mental wellbeing. She wanted to know step by step what was happening with me at every phase of the ramp up process.

Working with Emanuela when I tested positive for Covid was one of the positive things that got me through it. She was always positive even when I was filled with fear and anxiety. She helped me to kick the “coffee” habit, taught me relaxation breathing techniques, and checked in with me regularly. I have recommended her to several friends with different health issues because I believe she loves what she does and can really help them.

Overall, I feel amazing!

Anna Pirrello

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